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Internet and Reading

Posted in Books, Entertainment, technology with tags , , , , , , , on January 19, 2010 by Josh Wittner

This Wall Street Journal article was enlightening on the impacts that technology, namely the internet, has had on the ability of new and unknown authors to break into the literary world. While the internet has manifestly improved the capabilities of authors to produce work and get work to publishers, it has been all too effective. The piles of unsolicited work, informally known as slush piles, have grown insurmountable for most publishers and the deluge has driven up the costs of finding new talent.

The most interesting part for me was how some publishers have taken to solving this problem. While some have given up, and others have moved to an internal review system, Harper Collins has moved to incorporate the technology that created the problem to harness it. At their website users can upload, read, and review works by anyone from anywhere. Every month the editors at Harper Collins review the top 5 works on the site and publish those that they deem profitable. So far they have published only 4 books out of over 10,000 submissions.

I’m wondering if someone will take that idea and create a cross-publisher system where users can submit, read, and review books from anyone anywhere just like on Authonomy, but which will then take those highly rated books and present them to a number of publishers and shop for the best deals. Basically create a sight like Authonomy used by agents instead of publisher to track down material.

I wonder if agents are tracking any of the ratings for books that can now be self published through Amazon for their Kindle.


Seattle’s Most Gnar

Posted in Entertainment with tags , , , , on November 2, 2009 by Josh Wittner

Smooth Sailing presents: Rainbow Party Party Boy and the Fabulous Prizes, aka Smooth Sailing is quickly becoming my favorite band. I saw them for maybe the 4th time last week at The Funhouse across the street from the EMP. Not only does the band keep getting better, the show itself is evolving; the most recent addition of an integrated light show makes it hard to find a better musical experience at a bar than this roughly 7 song set.

See them at The Rendezvous onĀ NovemberĀ 20th.

The Adding Machine

Posted in Entertainment with tags , on December 12, 2008 by Josh Wittner

The Adding Machine is a play that is currently going on (until this coming Sunday) at the ACT theatre in downtown Seattle (7th and Union). Jason, John, and myself went and caught it last night, it was totally fucking rad and if you can make it before Sunday you should go see it too. Tickets are $25 on the web, but if you show up just 30 minutes before the show you can get rush tickets for only $15 (assuming they are available).

The show is presented by the New Century Theatre Company which has set for itself the honorable goal of reviving good theatre in Seattle, where we have apparently been enduring mostly bad theatre for a long time.

I don’t often go to plays, but I’ve been to maybe 4 or 5 and this was definitely the best. I’m looking forward to what NCTC is putting on next and will definitely give it a shot.

This review in the Stranger blog is what inspired my viewing.