Below are all the categories that you might find things posted under on this site:

Word Moment

Word moments are when I look up a word I either don’t know or wish to have a better definitional grasp of. I usually use but if you have preferences I’d like to know why.

Fortunate Days

Fortunes from fortune cookies. Bam!

Wiki Moment

I often find myself on Wiki reading about a huge range of things, so I’ve started creating accompanying blog posts to go with a link to those readings and a short description of the topic at hand. The idea is that the information is at least mostly from just the wiki page I link to and links from it.

Conservative/Liberal Media

I find myself more often wanting a real perspective of the conservative world’s perspective. This category will be about new conservative or liberal media sources that I find and like, as well as discussion of topics on specific sites. It’s also a forum for discussing the horrendous bias in news broadcasting that pervades the US media. By labelling any post with the bias I hope to add a grain of salt to any endorsements.


I read a lot of scientific research and articles/blogs about scientific research. This category is for discussing instances of research and the state of scientific research itself.

Health Care

I’ve been reading a lot of information on Health Care in the US recently and this will be the venue for my ideas and our discussions on that.

Global Warming

The policitcal fight over global warming is starting to heat up (I won’t be the last) and I’ll probably be taking at least as strong of an interest in that as I have in Health Care.


Anything concerning the iPhone, including development, apps, etc.

The Site

News about this site and any changes.


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