Texas School Boards are Dumb

I hardly read anything about Texas without getting upset these days. I don’t know if I have ever read anything about a Texas school board that didn’t piss me off. This week a Dallas school board voted to suspend a 4-year old boy from prekindergarten because he had what they referred to as “Beatles” hair. Their argument was that the dress code was there to limit distractions in the classroom. My question is whether his hair had distracted anyone besides the school board. This quote was particularly telling:

“It’s a trade-off,” said one board member, Gary Bingham, an insurance agent, in an interview. “Do the parents value his education more than they value a 4-year-old’s decision to make his own grooming choices?”

The real trade off is whether they value his education in a system that so frequently fails to do the reasonable thing and their right to respect their child’s decisions about his looks.

Also, lets not forget that we’re talking about the length of a child’s hair. Did I miss something? Did we all get time warped to the 1950’s?


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