Health Care and Veterans

Yesterday a friend asked me about health care and it’s effects on veterans. Specifically she had been told by someone at her work that the health care bills now being merged by congress would create new premiums on veterans and she was wondering if this was true. At the time I couldn’t answer her question and decided to review the question in the morning.

After reviewing both the House’s Affordable Health Care For America Act and the Senate’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (and this associated document specifically addressing questions about veterans) I can find no reason to believe that new premiums will be introduced to veterans enrolled in the Veterans Health Services program. Both bills explicitly state that administration of the Veterans Health Services will remain under authority of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Both bills explicitly state that the health care coverage supplied through the VHS meets the minimum eligibility requirements and so there will be no tax penalty for veterans enrolled in the program.

Veterans not enrolled in VHS however will be treated like any other citizen in that they will need to have health coverage, either through the Exchange or the VHS or a satisfactory third party or they will be required to pay the tax penalty.

If anyone out there has any further points on this or indeed any health care related concerns that they have or have heard other’s espouse, just let me know and I’ll help get to the bottom of it and try to provide you as true and clear a response as possible.


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