Location, location, location.

Part of the joy of traveling for me is the joy I receive from imagining myself actually living, as in long term relocation, to the places that I travel. This is one of the reasons why I seem to prefer vacations where the goal is to go somewhere and explore, as opposed to resort style vacations (not that I don’t also enjoy these) where most of the time is spent at the hotel/resort. The former tend to provide me with more information to base my imagined move on.

While reading this article,  which attempts to dispel some common misconceptions about the economic state of Europe and how it relates to their tendency toward greater social democracy than the US, I found myself asking one question over and over: Why do I live where I live, and is there a better place for me?


2 Responses to “Location, location, location.”

  1. I’m not going to get into why I completely disagree with the article and how a lot of Europe’s economy is based on tourism.

    But, being born in Romania, Europe myself and having been there just a couple years ago for an entire month, I would argue that while it may be nice to visit, living there is a completely different matter and I wouldn’t recommend it! I’ve also considered moving somewhere else though since really, where we grow up isn’t exactly by choice, so it only makes sense to move to an environment you feel most comfortable with.

  2. Josh Wittner Says:

    I’d love to hear what parts of the article you disagree with? I’m also confused about your statement about tourism? Are you saying that if tourism is a large portion of a nation’s economy then that nation can be more socially democratic (including higher taxes, etc.) than other nations without serious negative economic impacts?

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