The more I check into Politifact the more I realize how awesome of a service it is. They won the Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of the 2008 election for “probing reporters and the power of the World Wide Web to examine more than 750 political claims, separating rhetoric from truth to enlighten voters.” What a great idea.

They take the words of pundits, politicians, and special interest groups to task and tell you on a spectrum from ‘pants on fire’ to ‘true’ how accurate those statements are. The best part is that every rating has a short article written specifically about the statement and covers the reasons that Politifact gave the rating it did. Awesome.

Another cool feature is the Obameter, a current review of all of the promises President Obama made during the 2008 campaign. Every promise is rated as either kept, compromised, broken, stalled, in the works, or unrated for promises that haven’t even gotten off the starting line. A valuable resource for keeping track at how the Obama administration is matching up to the promises that got him elected.

On a side note, a quick check on Glenn Beck’s file shows that he’s never been rated as ‘true’ or ‘mostly true’, having his highest rating as ‘false’ with ‘pants on fire’ tied for second with ‘barely true’. This guy has millions of viewers.


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