Open Internet: Chairman of the FCC Likes It

The White House Blog had a post on Monday (I know,  I’m behind on everything) concerning the FCC’s policy and direction in relation to a free, open (read “unrestricted”) internet. It’s really great to see the Chairman of the FCC, who authored the post, take such a strong stance to keep the internet open. To start off he proposes two new FCC rules to help safeguard an open internet:

The first says broadband providers cannot discriminate against particular Internet content or applications. The second says broadband providers must be transparent about their network management practices.

This all leads up to the announcement of the FCC’s new website (in beta now) described as “a place to join the discussion about the free and open Internet.”

So far, when it comes to technology and open government and encouragement of free and easy access to information the things happening during Obama Administration have really impressed me.


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