Word Moment: Hew

hew // (hy)

v. hewed, hewn (hyn) or hewed, hew·ing, hews

1. To make or shape with or as if with an ax: hew a path through the underbrush.
2. To cut down with an ax; fell: hew an oak.
3. To strike or cut; cleave.

1. To cut something by repeated blows, as of an ax.
2. To adhere or conform strictly; hold: hew to the line.

[Middle English hewen, from Old English hawan; see kau- in Indo-European roots.]

hewer n.

One Response to “Word Moment: Hew”

  1. Tyler Stringfellow Says:

    I can’t believe this coincidence. I was in Southern Mexico playing Scrabble a couple weeks ago and there was a huge controversy when someone tried to throw out the word “hewn”.

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