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The Questionable Moral Superiority of God

Posted in Philosophy, Religion with tags , , , on March 4, 2009 by Josh Wittner

Let suppose for the sake of this argument that God exists. Any god would suit the purposes of this argument, but in this case we’ll select the Christian god as he is the most prevalent in American culture, in my culture. Supposing he exists and has attributed to him all the powers of omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence, accepting even his paradoxical ability to both know and change his “future mind”. Accepting that he is the creator of the universe, known and unknown, and of utmost importance to us, creator of humanity. God exists and in my hypothetical has provided such evidence that non-belief crosses the border into denialism (which I must state is not currently the case and I would posit the opposite). The question I find myself asking, especially in this hypothetical, is why exactly, other than surface reasons (survival, etc.) should I defer moral superiority to this being?

Why should I accept that just because a being is powerful, and knowledgeable, that moral superiority should be deferred to it. Why should I not demand as much of it, more even, than I do of my fellow man?  Why should I not deny this superiority of morality until it has been proven? It seems to me that even God must be held to the evidence. That even God, must be held to the science. Why is God not held to the moral ambiguity that is so plain in the Universe? Why should I not require more than authority?

Another train of thought grasps me, and I wonder, if God did make itself known to us and stood before us and the sum of its powers became knowable to us, is there a power by which its presence amongst that sum convinces me of its holders moral superiority? I am unable to imagine such a power.

I am remain utterly incapable of understanding the mindset of one who despite no evidence, even celebrating the lack of it, attributes existance, power, and moral superiority to God.