The Nature of the World

When are people going to understand that the world isn’t strangely well suited for us, we are explicitly well suited for it? That if the world were different, we would be different?

To think otherwise is to assume an astonishing hubris, and displays a conviction to ignore demonstrable facts for unfalsifiable faith. To think otherwise is to purposefully set aside reason for irrationality.

Childhood indoctrination is to blame. More on this later.


One Response to “The Nature of the World”

  1. Robert Tobin Says:

    What I hate is children being taught the worst book of fiction ever written, the “Holy” Bible, before they are taught any science. THeir minds are poisoned by Religion before they are old enough to understand. Then when the yare introduced to science their poisoned minds cannot understand that there was no “Creator’God” and the World was not “created in 4004 BCE on Oct. 3rd at 9:00 am.

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