The Adding Machine

The Adding Machine is a play that is currently going on (until this coming Sunday) at the ACT theatre in downtown Seattle (7th and Union). Jason, John, and myself went and caught it last night, it was totally fucking rad and if you can make it before Sunday you should go see it too. Tickets are $25 on the web, but if you show up just 30 minutes before the show you can get rush tickets for only $15 (assuming they are available).

The show is presented by the New Century Theatre Company which has set for itself the honorable goal of reviving good theatre in Seattle, where we have apparently been enduring mostly bad theatre for a long time.

I don’t often go to plays, but I’ve been to maybe 4 or 5 and this was definitely the best. I’m looking forward to what NCTC is putting on next and will definitely give it a shot.

This review in the Stranger blog is what inspired my viewing.


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