Seattle Art Museum

I went to the Seattle Art Museum downtown on Sunday. I have been trying to at least try to take art more seriously though I’m often conscious of my own feeling of pretentiousness when I do. Maybe art makes me feel uncomfortable for that reason. That it makes me feel like I should like it because its the cool thing to do.

I stood and stared a long while at a couple of paintings. One by Edward Hopper, I don’t remember who painted the other one. I stared and tried to find deeper meaning where I’m not sure any existed. I nearly cried from the strain of it while I was starting at the one by Hopper.

Am I searching for something that doesn’t exist. All this art craze can really frustrate me. I’m a pragmatist mostly and so its hard for me to take anything like this that seriously. Maybe if I heard it from the author I would believe in some of the depth that is attributed to it. As it stands I do not believe, but I feel the pressure to. Is resisting truly better or are they correct? Is there a message behind the medium? A statement hidden in the strokes? A confession in the colors? Or is it all just bullshit?


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