Morning Thoughts

So today as I stood in the corner of my living room looking out my 15th floor view of downtown drinking my morning coffee I had a couple of thoughts I’d like to share.

I was thinking that while there are events in this life which we can trivially render as simply good or simply evil using as our window into morality the compasses forged by evolution and our own cultures and lives, most simply cannot be defined in such stark terms. The puddle of morality is more muddy than clear, the rain drops of which the puddle is made having long since forgotten their purity. The doubt that this knowledge provides me is precisely the doubt that religion seeks to remove from peoples lives. Religion seeks to insert itself in the form of a threshold filter between people and their inherent moral compass, replacing doubt, the very doubt that urges us to be accepting of other people, with certainty. I do not feel like this is a good thing, my moral compass unimpeded by a religious bottle neck refuses to point in that direction. Certainty so easily leads to extremism and with it looming my doubt does not allow me to live without fear.

More and more often I find myself thinking that the philosophy of naturalism or new materialism is much harder to live by than ones more open to super natural causes. Then again, it is the only philosophy I know of that neither invents nor accepts logic inseparable from refuse as fact.

The other thing I was thinking concerns states of mind and how that can affect our thought processes so dramatically. I was thinking about how when in the mornings that we don’t wake to an alarm, when we’re first coming to awareness and our restless natures begin to supersede our body’s need for sleep. I was thinking about the feeling of when we first open our eyes and our brains must reconcile the adventures we’ve had in our dreams with what our visual senses are just now telling us. I was thinking that that feels like the most vulnerably confused state of mind I experience regularly. It seems like a good state of mind for chancing upon new philosophies and for accepting the differences we see in other people, because as I am confused about even what my eyes see at this very instant how can I be so certain about things far grander than my now fading dreams.

This last thought brought the two musing together. That if, in that instant, in that state of mind, I can not understand an act, if not as moral then as well intentioned, I’m not sure if I ever can. We should all seek to at least see other people through that haze of confusion where we reconcile the disparity between our dreams and our lives.

That’s what I was thinking about today as I stood in the corner of my living room looking out my 15th floor view of downtown drinking my morning coffee.


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