What I got from the bible.

God. If god exists, if the god of the bible exists and he knows everything, can be everywhere, and does everything he can and by virtue of his doing it, or by an understanding that he possesses that we cannot, it becomes just and right and I truly understand that I can never understand everything and I can never know if what I do is actually right or wrong or a more convoluted part of some master plan I can never hope to fathom, if I truly believe in and understand the magnitude of what the god of the bible is, I could never justify making any claim that what someone was doing was right or wrong.  I would have to, at all times, leave judgment up to God. I mean, even if the bible says its wrong, and the bible says a lot of things are wrong, we cannot know what god truly wants and we would be mistaken to show such hubris as to suppose to judge for him. The fucking nerve of people, to point to the word of God, the bible, and pretend as though they can understand it. That they could even fathom the knowledge it would take to truly understand it. As I was thinking this I couldn’t help but think that the reverence I have for the idea of God is what fundamentalists should believe. That is fundamentalism.

God works in mysterious ways I’m told.

I extend this idea of God to knowledge of the universe. I cannot even hope to understand all the knowledge there is to be had of the universe. When I think of an entity that might know all of it, I still call it God. This is the God of Einstein. The knower of all things. Nebulous and non-existent. All things at once and none of them. Nature. When I think of nature, and I try to put the things I believe to be right or wrong into their proper place in nature, I always, always find that I cannot. Value judgments, morals, they have no place in nature, they are made up by man and applied by man.

The bible taught me modesty as it points out that though what we know may be massive in its comparison to what we used to know, we know near to nothing compared to all there is to know. And I believe that without that knowledge, the best we can do is what works now and causes as little as possible the true suffering of those around us and since God doesn’t deign to lend us the knowledge we need, we must decide what that is for ourselves and leave Him out of it.

I understand that value judgments must be made, but I try to remember that we are the ones making those judgments, not the universe. I do not believe in universal truth concerning judgments of value or at least I believe I will never know them, because I understand that I am not capable of having the knowledge to know the real difference between right and wrong. The time-line of our existence is too short, and the universe’s too long.

This is what I got from the bible and I wish that instead of people paying money to keep happiness that doesn’t affect them from others, they would rally for the side of our own modesty and try harder to make the world we live in now a better place in the way that makes sense for our fragile and short lives.

I wish more people were really fundamentalists, instead of self righteous, over-dignified, narcissistic fools playing at being God on earth.

There are good things in the bible, but hardly any of them are in the text.

Sorry for the rant.

Update: I was just thinking that I understand the magnitude of the God these people worship and so I cannot understand how any real believer could stand there and tell me they understand His mind well enough to lay His judgment at another’s feet.  I do not think these people understand the God they claim to worship.


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