I think I smell weeeed.

So the other night I smell some cigarette smoke come into my window, subtle but distinguishable. A couple seconds goes by and I hear this dude yell out his window, “Hey! Stop smoking out your fucking window!” My first thought was how absurd it was to be so upset over such a small thing. My second thought was that it seemed strange that I’ve smelled weed through my window many times, contributed to it even, and I’ve never heard anyone be or have been personally yelled at for it.

Nobody cares about weed man.

The other night I’m out on the rooftop garden that’s on top of the parking garage attached to my building, in a secret spot, getting high, when these two guys walk up and I glance at the second one’s belt and notice that he’s got all the attachments of a cop going on. “How are you guys tonight?” I slide my hands to hide the pipe I’m holding, “Fine, nice night huh.” Good luck has it though that also on the roof was a group of young kids maybe 18-19 hanging out and one of them had thrown a bottle of the roof to crash on the street below just before the cops got up to me. So the first says, “Ah, they’re throwing bottles.” “Yeah, those kids are trouble,” I try desperately not to laugh and get away with just a smile barely small enough to hide. And as awkwardly as they had arrived the security left to deal with the kids.

It seemed like the wiser move to me too, just dudes getting high over here, talking about everything they can think of, analyzing every part of their lives and emotions. Talking about the infinite and the infinitessimal and believing that we truly understand it all. Coming to the most self revealing realization of our lifetimes. Causing no harm and trying as hard as we can, at least that instant to try and come up with a solution for all of our problems. All of the worlds problems. Just dudes getting high over here. Livening up our worlds with discussions and understandings and attempts at understanding of things greater than us. Just dudes getting high. Over here.

I can find absolutely no evidence to make it reasonable to think that Marijuana should be illegal in this country or anywhere else. The cons do not outweigh the pros.

The biggest argument I hear is that Marijuana is a gateway drug. Well I know a lot of people that smoke weed or have smoked weed and deal with it just fine. I deal with it just fine. There are way more people out there smoking weed, without negative consequences than you might think and we should make this country a better place and legalize it, regulate it, and educate kids about it.

Just some dudes getting high over here.


4 Responses to “I think I smell weeeed.”

  1. weed is all that is wrong in this world!! you should be ashamed of yourself for writing such a thing… now let’s go get high. ; )

  2. As your mother, I hate to see you write about smoking anything. Since in our family we have a high probability of cancer. As you are putting toxins in your lungs smoking it. As far as it leading to other drugs, you know also in our family someone close to us started with pot than led to meth. True some of us have higher attictive personality’s.
    I don’t care about the legality of it. That doesn’t bother me.
    You are a highly intelligent person that I feel shouldn’t have to use outside stimuli to get high.
    I love you and care about you.
    Mom xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Josh Wittner Says:

    As your son, I appreciate your perspective and I understand your concern.

    That said, Marijuana, as far as toxins go is quite mundane, and as far as the studies I’ve seen is not strongly linked to cancer. I’d be interested in more thorough information if you can find it. I’ve looked through some of the medical databases on the internet and the outcome seems to still be pretty inconclusive.

    As for leading to other drugs, no I haven’t seen anyone led by Marijuana to other drugs including Meth. Our family member uses drugs, of which Marijuana is one, but more importantly he abuses drugs. There is very little doubt in my mind that Marijuana had nothing to do with his other drug habits. The data seems to coincide with this stance.

    When doing a little research on the topic I can find nothing but correlation between using marijuana and using more ‘hardcore’ drugs. And while opponents may point to this as a reason not to use marijuana ‘just to be safe’, the evidence has not pushed further in the direction of marijuana being a ‘gateway’ drug and seems to be pushing in the direction that hard drug use, especially meth, is tied more strongly to personality, social pressure, and poverty. I don’t have an addictive personality, that is, I’m not needy or easily overly attached, I don’t easily give in to social pressure when I don’t want to, and I’m not in a state of poverty. I am a low risk person for drug abuse and addiction.

    The more I think about this the more it makes sense that of course people who are doing meth-amphetamines are users of marijuana, I mean why wouldn’t they? That is the correlation we see, but its really like saying alcohol or tobacco is a gateway drug, drug users smoke tobacco and drink alcohol, but very little of the alcohol/tobacco users are drug users. The correlation does not appear to be causation.

    One interesting study I read in Nature several weeks back showed little to no difference between people who smoked marijuana moderately and those who don’t smoke. The rest of the literature seems to agree with this study as well.

    I know you understand that I have alcohol consumption under control. That I’m not an abuser. The same is true for my usage of marijuana. I don’t do it every night, or every week but it is something I enjoy. Smoking a little weed on a weekend is like having a couple beers on the weekend, moderation is key.

    I love you too mom.
    Your son,

  4. I love weed.

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