Mixed minds

I long, almost desperately, to truly understand the differences between us. I don’t believe that people of different ideologies than me are evil or stupid. I believe that thinking in such a way dehumanizes your opponents and shows a lack of understanding of the true nature of morals. I don’t want to judge with my emotions the ideological opinions of others, I want to really truly understand perspectives different than mine and then continue to build my ideology with my new understanding.

Lets get one thing straight, I’m talking about opinions here. I’m talking about ideologies. I don’t want to discuss things like homeopathy, acupuncture, or therapeutic touch. I don’t want to talk about things which evidence can show is one way or another. I want to discuss philosophies and opinions. I want to talk about the validity of claims of value and I want to understand, empathetically, the stances of people that differ than me in this arena of value claims. This brought me to the idea of The Meeting of Mixed Minds.

I want to get people together. Different people. Republicans and democratics. Conservatives and Progressives. Zealot and Heretic. Get them to together and talk, not about our obvious differences, but try and find the reasons why we are the way we are. Not ‘are you a beliver’ but ‘why are you a believer’, not ‘why not’, but ‘why why not’. I hope that this well help me and others really understand our differences and help us understand what similar motivations we have.

Lets get to details. I’m thinking a pub style environment where drinks are available to help relax the introductions and intense conversation. I’m thinking once every couple months at first to give time to recruit people and let people start to want to do it again. Then we can change the frequency to fit the desire. I think that in all this arguing, we don’t often enough try and really understand the other side before denouncing it or trying to shadow it in the strength of our own argument and I want some time and conversation where that isn’t the case.

It be wonderful if we found that the things that motivate us are the same and we tried to find either a compromise or a new way to solve the issue at hand to achieve that motivation. If we found a way through which we can work together to make things better. I think The Meeting of Mixed Minds could help us.

Who’s down?


4 Responses to “Mixed minds”

  1. I’m down, but only if there is punching… there has to be punching. No exceptions.

    Alright, fine. No punching.

  2. Josh Wittner Says:

    That’s what I’m talking about Kevin. Compromise.

  3. Dan Baron Says:

    What if someone is trying to express an opinion, but it’s either not well presented or not being accepted by the majority, and they start crying. Can they be punched then?

  4. Josh Wittner Says:

    Well, I mean, if they’re already crying.

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