I Love you? WTF

Not too long ago someone told me a story where they felt another had used the phrase, well, maliciously. At first I was all ‘uh huh’s and ‘no way’s but after some time the ridiculousness of that idea dawned on me. All I can think now is really? You really think someone would say that to someone else in an effort to hurt you? Now when I think about it I find it funny. I imagine someone trying to be coy about deploying operation ‘I love someone else now’ and I giggle to myself. If only life were a sitcom you know?

We’re about to get a little more serious now but don’t worry this isn’t an emotional thing.

This got me thinking about the phrase in general as the best comedy causes reflection. The phrase elicits almost no emotion from me anymore. Its dead to me, or rather I’m dead to it. Its role is purely obligatory. I look at all the people I love or have loved and saying it that way makes me feel something, but when I think about telling someone or having someone say it to me it feels empty. Devoid of the emotion I feel when I say it to myself about those people.

I think its because the phrase has taken on so many meanings that its been diluted. When someone says it I don’t really know what they mean. And when I say it I can’t expect the recipient to understand exactly what I mean. Language, it changes and evolves and so must I. I need a new word for this feeling. When trying to use the most concise method of expressing oneself this phrase is a failure.

It really goes back to the objective and subjective me. When the expression requires only the subjective, it rings true. When I know that it requires the objective as well, I feel as though I might as well not say it for there is so little information one can glean from it reliably.

The objective vs. subjective us and the disconnect we feel between them is a powerful ally for dualists and I can’t fault Descartes for broaching the idea. Too bad the real evidence lies with the materialists. That, however, is a conversation for another itme.


4 Responses to “I Love you? WTF”

  1. omg it’s so damn good i swear to gosh i got ur feelings hrer in my heart
    go ahead

  2. Josh Wittner Says:

    huh? you crazy.

  3. You don’t feel anything because you have a garbage heart.

    By the way, does what fam wrote make any sense to you?

  4. Josh Wittner Says:

    Garbage Heart is the name of my new band. I am confused by Fam.

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