So yesterday I filled out my absentee ballot and while I was doing so I realized something; choosing people for positions like Commissioner of Public Lands and Insurance Commissioner is way harder than picking who I want to be president.

I have no idea what these positions really entail, I have no idea how well the incumbent has done over his last n terms. And I only have readily available two small briefs written by the candidates themselves. Filling out the box for Obama may be more important, but filling out the box for these positions was harder because I don’t have any idea how the candidate I choose will do, or what it is exactly they’ll be trying to do. If I vote for the wrong person, how ‘wrong’ is it?

I think I chose the right candidates this time around, but shit man who knows?

That’s why I vow that before the next elections I will have learned what exactly these more obscure positions entail and to pay more attention to what our public servants are doing in their attempts to fullfil the requirements for the positions they were elected to.

And why the hell am I electing judges? We don’t know shit about these people! I just picked the top rated and most well endorsed judges I could. Oh wait, they didn’t have any competition! What the shit is going on here.

Other than President, Governor and the legislation I was totally unprepared for these elections.

Some of the candidates for state goverment made me wanna run for office. In one district (not mine) there was a retired nurse vs. a ‘classically’ trained pastry chef. Oh shit, which one of them is more qualified to understand the intricate nature of forming and passing legislation that governs the millions of people in Washington. Fuck dudes, that would be a hard choice. On the one hand the nurse has probably saved lives, but on the other the dude can bake me some delicious pastries. Classically! I grew up thinking you had have training for this shit, or like a PHD in something even remotely related. Apparently not, apparently ‘pastry chef’ is enough training to make it to the top two!

The even more amazing thing is that these people get re-elected! Which means that apparently the job really isn’t that hard to be acceptably sufficient at. Here I am thinking our state representatives are somehow well qualified…silly me.


2 Responses to “Voting”

  1. You gotta use the Stranger’s election guide dude. They break it all down in plain English so you know exactly what you’re voting for.

  2. Josh Wittner Says:

    That’s pretty cool. It’d be nice if something like that came with the pamphlet.

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